How Do You Find Your Way To And Around Valley City?

Use these maps;

To find your way to Valley City via a Highway Map (intersection of SR 252 & 303).

To navigate around, once here. This Township Map is available in two sizes, Large for study of fine detail, and Small which should print out on 8-1/2" X 11" paper, so you can take it with you.

To navigate anywhere in Medina County, courtesy Medina County Highway Engineers.

To see aerial photos of properties in Liverpool go to this map. Click on Liverpool Township (upper left square). Then click in the circle next to "Query Parcel", then click on the parcel of interest. Finally, click on "Orthophoto". Courtesy Medina County Highway Engineers and Auditor's Office.

It might be helpful to remember that Valley City is the Post Office name serving the area. Liverpool is the name of the Township. They are almost but not quite synonymous. These maps may use either name.

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